Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 4 | Twitch Celebrity Cash Game | Part 4 – Damn, Daniel!

– [Voiceover] From Las Vegas, Nevada, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson, he’s Joe Stapleton, and we’re headed back to Vegas for more of our Twitch celebrity cash game.

– And it is exciting times because for the first time ever, Daniel Negreanu sits down on Poker Night in America. And why not? It’s been at least five seconds, since he’s been on TV. And just in time for Easter, he and Antonio Esfandiari go to war in the battle of the pastel shirts. – I knew when I wore this shirt, that it was very likely that we were going to be wearing the exact same color. – [Hanson] As we continue here in Las Vegas, Antonio Esfandiari is in the game for 50,000, but right now he’s only down 2,000, that must be like a win at this point.

– [Stapleton] Yeah, absolutely I mean when you got that much on the table, being down just 2,200 is going to be OK with him. I’m focused on this guy in the blue shirt, Kid Poker starting with a fresh stack of 20K. – [Hanson] Who put Antonio and Kid Poker in those two t-shirts, next to each other? Is it Miami Vice on Poker Night in America?

Because it looks like Crocket and Tubbs to me. – Alright, action is on Dan O’Brien in seat one. – [Stapleton] Dan is the big loser, so far in the game. In life, he’s pretty cool. – [Hanson] He makes it 900 with ace-ten. – [Stapleton] So we have a straddle, which is a blind raise from Maria Ho.

A double straddle from Antonio Esfandiari. Daniel Negreanu limped in the double straddle, Dan O’Brien raising, Sommerville’s in, Esfandiari is in, back to Daniel who’s making it 10K with king-six suited! (crowd mumbling) – [???]

That’s a mix-up! – Mix it up! Right? – Did I put too much?

– [???] Put your cards side by side – Oh I thought I did. – You probably did and they can’t believe what they saw.

(laughter) – I have ten more you can have it, (bleep) it, let’s go. – [Stapleton] Daniel kicking things off, giving zero you-know-whats. – The two richest guys are wearing pastel! (laughter) – What does that mean?

You get to a certain threshold and then you switch over? – You wear easter egg colors… – What? I don’t give a (bleep) what you do, you can do whatever you want. I don’t care, read me, here, what do I got?

What do I got? He’s always so so good he knows what I have. Who cares?

(laughter) There’s no sense doing a poker face anymore, he just knows. I just end up telling him. – [Stapleton] Daniel just makes this move so infrequently with air – I’ll show you if you fold at least one card. I’ll show you one card if you fold. – [Stapleton] What an absolute wack-a-doo.

– [O’Brien] But maybe two, it’s still a possibility. – Oh all in, OK, good luck! (laughter) Once or twice? – Who has a deuce-seven? – Whatever you want. Let’s do twice for fun.

I got two kings. – Wow. – I’m kidding! (laughter) – You have to show at least one card.

– Are we showing our cards? – Well at least one card. – [Stapleton] Uh, Chris, do you hear that flushing sound? (flushing) One of these two guys is about to drop 20 grand in the toilet. – [Hanson] Ace-queen, still ahead.

– Two times, though. – [Stapleton] They are running it twice. You gotta win ’em both to scoop the pot. (laughter) There’s a six for Daniel.

– I have a pair. – [Stapleton] He’s very likely to win this first run-out. And he does win it. – [Negreanu] Pair.

Alright! I’m happy now! I don’t care what happens! – [Stapleton] So he’s free-rolling now. – [Hanson] A $41,000 pot.

– The sickness has exploded. (laughter) – I have a suited hand! What do you want me to do? – It was suited.

Your trap! – Come on, man! Break even one time, hit me a king or a six. (cheering) – [Stapleton] So gross! – [Grospellier] (unintelligble) coming by for sure, now! – [Stapleton] What a luck box.

How does Daniel take that twice? – [Somerville] Ding-dong. It’s the AOT. A.O.T. might come in! I heard him ringing at the door!

– [Laak] I am barefoot now, but with sandals on standby. – [Hanson] Remember how I said Antonio is in for 50K, and only down 2,000, thinking it probably felt pretty good? Guessing it doesn’t feel real good right now. – [Stapleton] Yeah, no now he’s down 22,000. – [Hanson] He’s also probably looking for the person that invited Daniel to the game!

– [Stapleton] Look how sad he is. You almost feel- No, I’m just kidding I wouldn’t feel bad for him. Not ever. So we had Elky straddling, Phil Laak raising, six-deuce suited. Maria and Esfandiari coming along for the ride. What is Esfandiari doing?

There’s a seven-deuce rule, right? Where if you win seven-deuce, everyone’s gotta pay two hundred bucks? – [Hanson] Yeah. So why would you play seven-three?

– [Stapleton] No idea! Other than the fact that maybe A.O.T. A.K.A., Antonio on Tilt is back.

– [Hanson] It’s very tough to tell the difference. – [Stapleton] Just look at the hands from Phil and Antonio, these guys are nuts! and Elky has very quietly made a straight on the turn. – [Hanson] Laak still has the flush draw, and he hits it on the river! – [Stapleton] Wow, so Elky gets there, Phil re-gets there and Elky is going to lose something here. He’s going to expect if someone had a flush draw they would’ve bet it.

– [Hanson] Everyone checked around on the flop and the turn it’s very unusual, so this pot’s relatively small. – [Stapleton] I think, Phil’s probably gotta just call here? – [Hanson] Or make it 3,375.

That’s another option! That’s what you meant to say. – [Stapleton] I mean I just feel like he can really only get paid by better flushes? – [Esfandiari] Was there an improved raise? – [Stapleton] I mean Laak is so capable of bluff-raising here, It’s really tough for Elky to fold, maybe he will pay it off. – I can’t even impress Phil Hellmuth by my folding abilities so what’s the point of folding anymore?

What’s the point of folding anymore? I can’t get Phil’s respect! (laughter) – [Esfandiari] I only understood like, two words.

(laughter) “Respect” and “folding.” I’m like how can everybody laugh if they don’t know what the hell he’s saying? (laughter) – He’s like you don’t speak Elky, right? It’s like when is the river and it’s like getting raise it’s like so sick because like force is good but you know it’s like he can have so many hands, so… – Oh man, I’m making it stick with whatever.

– [Stapleton] I will say Phil’s made a pretty great read here, decided Elky’s going to have a straight lot, because that’s about the only worse hand that can call him. Come on Elky. Nice one Elkster! – [Negreanu] A-game, Elky’s trying to win.

– [Somerville] I’ll give you a hundred dollars up ’til eight. – Was it a good fold, Phil? – [Negreanu] Whatever he says, is like you can rule out, as being the truth. So then it doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room, for him to respond. (laughing) – He says I’m a reverse barometer.

– It was good for someone, right? – [Somerville] Nice bluff, Phil. Well-played.

– Very nice. – [Somerville] Phil Laak, I got dozens of requests for us to have a Phil Laak-JCarver prop betting show, since Antonio is too big-time now. We could do it.

I’m willing to take over that responsibility. – [Esfandiari] What are you talking about? – With your blessing!

– I don’t want to not be involved. – Alright well, hey that sounds even better then. Let’s keep it all in one big happy gambling family.

– [Grospellier] Phil! – [Ho] Raise. – [Grospellier] Why?

– [Dealer] Raise. 500 total. – [Laak] I read Raiser’s Edge, kid.

– And that’s why you lived, I see you looking from the Raiser’s Edge. (laughter) – Raise the river, it’s like the most painful spot… – Raise. – You have like five cards to come, you know, you’re curious.

– [Stapleton] So now it’s Maria Ho with the seven-deuce. – [Hanson] And she’s running it into kings. – [Voiceover] 12.8 million hands, do you do that?

Do you ever limp with that there? (laughter) – No, I haven’t done that once! (laughter) – It’s probably not a profitable play, then. If in 12.8 million hands you haven’t done it. It’s probably not going to show a profit now! – Phil, he’s never played a game like this before, in those 13 million hands, right?

So you never know, maybe this is the perfect scenario, Phil Laak. – [O’Brien] This could be the time. – [Somerville] This could be the time.

– [Laak] I was pretty sure in 12.8 million hands it hadn’t happened yet, I just wanted confirmation ya know? I’m neural netting the game, I wanna learn ya know? Antonio started 8 days ago, i’m going to start today. I’m only 8 days behind.

(chips clacking) (laughter) – Elky, I’m going to come give you a hug! – Oh, sick! – I can’t help myself what am I supposed to do? I can’t tell you what I have, I can’t tell you what I have, I just wanna give you love, I feel bad ya know? – You feel bad bluffing him right?

– So when he says he feels bad, that’s more likely to mean he actually had the absolute nuts Because this is just the way his brain works. Whatever the lie is, he like goes down that stream the whole way! He’s dedicated. (inaudible) – When he said I feel bad, that’s a clue to like, oh, I had it, which means he never had it.

He’s just an absolute liar! – I’m trying to add a non-weighted gaming feel to, like, the frequency. – It’s hard when you been doing it so many years. – Right. Habits are hard to kick.

– It’s not a lie. If you believe it. – [Voiceover] For more from Poker Night, visit or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited live streams.

(upbeat music) – Phil Hellmuth was trying to, like, keep the game slow, but it didn’t – it didn’t work out. – He really put on a good show today. – Did he win?

– But today was really… – He lost a little bit. He played like three hands. – I think he won a little bit.

He won, like, 3K I think. – No, it was like 1,700 up or down. I think it was up. – He’s going to hang out with some big celebs in New York, but you know, he dropped that, but he wouldn’t drop the specifics. – [Negreanu] Well, you know, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, they want to hang out with him.

– Well actually, they weren’t that big because he didn’t tell us the names. – [Negreanu] Right. They were definitely B minus list.

– [O’Brien] He was like, I can’t name names. OK, well then, – If they were premium A-list we would have to hear it. – We surely would. (inaudible) – It was probably, like, the fifth-string pitcher for the Yankees or something. – Brad wanted some advice on what to do with Angie. You know, so… – [Stapleton] Phil Hellmuth did not say he was going to give advice to Brad Pitt.

He said he was going to be hanging out at Richard Branson’s spaceship watching the Oscars with Deepak Chopra and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. – [O’Brien] We had this, like… – Kinda like, quick, really hilarious conversation. in the main, like day five. When Neymar came to sweat, like, Philippe for a little bit?

And I walk over and Philippe is talking to Hellmuth And Hellmuth goes, oh he knows poker? He follows poker. And Philippe was like, yeah Oh then he probably knows me.

And you know, It’s a reasonable statement, and, they talk for a second, and I was like Philippe, so, he follows poker, he probably knows me too. And Philippe is like, oh yeah maybe, like clearly I’m joking. I’m like I don’t even have a chance to say I’m joking. Hellmuth just goes, no, he’s joking! I was like… (laughter) thanks, Phil. – I’ve heard that Neymar has watched poker on Twitch, though So it’s possible that any one of us have been watched by Neymar.

– So he’s a, what’s it called? He’s, I don’t know, but I know he’s like the best. Right?

I know he’s a super-sick soccer player. I’m actually, possibly going to try to learn Portuguese, so I can help him with some poker stuff. – [???] That’s a lot to learn isn’t it? – It’s a lot to learn but it’s not just him, there are other Portuguese-speaking individuals (inaudible) (inaudible crosstalk) – Rass just learned it. Yeah, right, his wife is, uh… – Oh you don’t speak English?

I’ll just learn your language. No problem. – He did it in about a year.

He was fluent. – He’s pretty fluent now. – That’s amazing.

– He just grinded it. They would talk on, uh- – He’s the whitest-speaking Portuguese man on the planet. That’s for sure. – That would be me if I take over though.

If I learn the Portuguese. – I don’t know, Rass is up there. He’s pretty white. – [???]

You’re white! – [Negreanu] Actually, no you’re whiter. – Yeah, I gotta be a little more pale. – [Negreanu] White bread, mac and cheese, Turkey Burgers, (bleep) no Tan.

– That’s pure (bleep) right there. 100%. – [Negreanu] It’s like, ghost material. – That’s right.

– [Stapleton] Maria’s fired three straights. Scott is really only beating a bluff, and I’m not sure how many bluffs Maria’s got here. Ooh, he pays it off! – [Negreanu] Oh-ho I had ace-nine.

Do you believe me? – [Stapleton] Not now, Daniel! – I had ace-nine, that’s how good I am. That’s my spirit radar, what do you call that? – Psychic flow.

– Psychic flow. Ace-nine, all psychic flow. – [Stapleton] Psychic flow sounds like Miss Cleo having her period.

Straddle’s on! – [Hanson] Didn’t Debbie Harry start the band “Psychic Flow?” I’m not – I could’ve swore she was- – [Stapleton] Before my time. – [Hanson] Yeah. – [Stapleton] Phil’s limping so he can call a raise later if he has to. He-hey!

The straddle’s on and the seven-deuce is on! Don’t forget, you win a hand with seven-deuce, everyone at the table’s gotta pay a 200 bucks! – [Ho] Daniel, what’s your psychic flow saying about (bleep) water?

– It’s sounding possible, but – I’m in consideration. Why, you wanna drink, huh? – Just like, nothing necessarily out of hand, just like a little, just to wet our beak a bit. – Wet our beak? Let’s get some wet flops and wet our beaks.

– No, that’s, uh… That’s Godfather. That’s the best. I love that reference.

– You want to wet my beak? (laughter) – [O’Brien] Are you finished? – I’m holding back. Like, oh there was seven things I was going to say, I’m like, I better stop. – [Hanson] Checked around. – [Stapleton] Somebody get Daniel an appletini.

– [Hanson] Ace on the turn. Laak picks up the royal flush draw on the turn. Come on Jason, you know you want to bet. He’s too smart to bet here isn’t he?

– [Stapleton] I’m not so sure about that, it’s not a smartness thing by the way. I mean, when you have absolutely nothing, your only real choice is to rep everything. (chips clacking) Phil Laak is more likely to vote Republican, than he is to fold here. – [Hanson] How about Somerville folding now when it gets back to him? – [Stapleton] That’s far more likely. – [Hanson] OK.

The decision is on Phil Laak and he is folding! – [Stapleton] Wow, all hail President Trump! – I’m getting abuse. They’re all laughing right now. That’s why I hate this stuff because then they abuse you, and they forum it (unintelligible).

Invite him to your game! – [Stapleton] So Jason, did just call. Wow! Ok, I’m wrong about everything. – [Hanson] Oh boy! Eight on the river.

Somerville gives up and checks. – [Stapleton] I don’t think he’s really given up, his only option is to check-raise. I mean he did call with a pair on the turn, I really don’t know what he’s up to here. Antonio’s just bet 6,400. And if check-raising was the plan, I think all of the money has to go into the middle.

I don’t think he’s calling and hoping that a seven is good. So my guess is, it’s all in or fold for Jason Somerville. There’s the fold! – [Hanson] And once again, seven-deuce is, like, 0 for 10 tonight. – God, I thought Phil Laak might do one of his stupid $30,000 raises there.

– It would’ve worked too, right? – Of course it would’ve worked. – [Stapleton] We’ve gotta take a quick break on Poker Night in America, but when we get back more battle of the pink and blue shirts. – You wanna see the pastel battle! (jazzy music) – He’s the weirdest (bleep) guy in the world.

(laughter) He’s so weird. – [Hanson] Welcome back to Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson, Joe “Stapes” Stapleton What does your mother call you, Joseph? – [Stapleton] Stapes. – [Hanson] Stapes. You guys are tight, huh? – [Ho] Daniel’s doing, experimenting with the limp call go all in blind.

(laughter) Limp call raise (unintelligible) all in blind post. – I know what I’m doing. (laughter) – You’re earning, bro! That’s what you’re doing.

– I know what I’m doing, I’m winning. – Carve it up, take the money. – I told you I was going to get all of his money, but he wouldn’t give it to me. – [Hanson] Randy Lew and the small blind calls the $200 straddle.

Somerville calls. Maria Ho calls. – [Stapleton] Nice little squeeze from Antonio. Squeezing those guys like a month-old tube of toothpaste.

– ♪All of me, wants all your money. (laughter) All your money. – [Hanson] Top pair for Lew, flush draw for Esfandiari. – [Stapleton] It’s a perfect board for him to keep betting. And you can’t fold top pair, Rand-ay! – [Hanson] Here comes the turn.

And now Esfandiari is open-ended. – [Stapleton] Even more outs which means he can semi-bluff this even harder. (chips clacking) And I don’t think the nine is a bad enough card for Randy that he can fold. – [Hanson] No, he stays around to see the river. – [Stapleton] Man, it’s just brick-brick for Antonio.

But he is going for it anyway. I actually think given Antonio’s rep, that this is a crying call. It’s just really hard to have a hand here that you bet three streets for value, and it’s really easy to have a hand here that you bluff three streets and missed.

– [Hanson] Wow. – [Stapleton] Ohh, it’s so nitty. – [Hanson] Wow, what a play from Antonio Esfandiari. – I thought it was coming. Felt like it was coming. – She’s good at it.

– This is true. – She’s the best. (laughter) – Daniel, 800, no? – OK, fine. What do I do? Put eight?

– 16? – [Stapleton] Look at all of these straddles. – That would be balling as (bleep), bro.

(inaudible crosstalk) – People in the chat would go crazy. – We’re not that ballin’. – [Somerville] Scott Ballin’. – Hold on, I’ll tell you if I regret it right now, hold on. No. – [Negreanu] Alright, so I’m in position.

– [Laak] I just hope it turns into an Antonio- the pastel battle. That’s what I want it to be. – [Negreanu] The pastel battle?! Well I’m not folding. – I know that’s why I hope everyone folds, and you guys, I want to watch a battle.

– [Negreanu] Pastel battle. – I knew when I wore this shirt that it was very likely, that we were going to be wearing the exact same color. Because he has like, three shirts this color. – [Stapleton] There’s no point in raising these trash hands.

Because the straddles are going to defend pretty hard. – Here it comes, we’re getting closer to the pastel little battle. – [Stapleton] That is not a trash hand. – [Hanson] That’s a good hand for Antonio.

– [Somerville] It’s basically like a 400/800 blind vs. blind situation, yes. – [Stapleton] And he just calls. And are you kidding me?! Daniel quadruple straddles and wakes up with kings?! Antonio’s never going to believe him, either, especially after the king-six shenanigans from before.

– He hates being out of position. (inaudible crosstalk) – Because when he’s in position, he’s like spanking all day, all night. Out of position, he’s hating life.

– [Laak] But he’s sticky ya know, he’s in now. Stickiness. – [Hanson] Antonio calls, so we’re going to see the flop. – [Stapleton] We got eight grand in the middle, already.

– [Hanson] It may be bad news for Antonio, who’s got top pair. – [Stapleton] This could be the worst thing that happened to Antonio since the invention of the lunge. – [Hanson] Daniel bets 5,000. – You wanted to see the pastel battle.

– [Hanson] It’s like two Peeps playing poker. – [Grospellier] I’m gonna collect my hug. – Going to what? – Collect my hug. – [Stapleton] What?

Where is he going? – [Negreanu] Your hoog? – [O’Brien] His hug! – [Negreanu] Oh, hug. – [Stapleton] Phil Laak is a great hugger. (inaudible) – [Somerville] Great moment.

Probably most hugs in one session. Shipped out. Phil Laak. Paid four hugs today. (sighing) – [Stapleton] Hey, wait. Elky grunted when he got back?

It’s like he got more than a hug. – [O’Brien] I very rarely see tea with a spoon. – Well, I just wanted to get the cachectin release going on.

– Are you drinking something or are you eating something? – It’s green tea with lemon, seeped for nine and a half minutes. – Nine and a half. That’s pretty long.

– That’s why you had to learn. – By the time it gets to me, 30 seconds have passed and we’re at the ideal seeping time for optimal cachectin release. – [Stapleton] I think Phil’s gotta be on a lot more than cachectin. I’ve literally never heard that word before, by the way. – [Hanson] He’s done more thinking about tea than I’ve done about my life decisions in the past eight years.

– OK, I’m in! – [Stapleton] Oh, and, oh right, there’s still poker! – [Hanson] What is happening? Are they both all in?

Oh my god, you guys are the sickest. – Two times? – Two times. – Pair.

– [Stapleton] They’re both all in, in an $83,000 pot. They’re going to run it twice, Daniel way ahead. – How do you have kings? That’s so sick. – I got this first one, I’m assuming.

– [Stapleton] Daniel wins the first run out. And he is more than likely going to win the second one. That is correct! Daniel doubles through Antonio Esfandiari again! – [Hanson] Hey, Joe Stapleton, Welcome to Poker Night in America, That is the biggest hand, in Poker Night in America history.

$83,000. – [Stapleton] I’m sure they did it just for me. (laughter) – [Voiceover] Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. – [Hanson] Welcome to the table Daniel Negreanu, that quick, up 63K, uh do you want to tell Antonio the bad news? – [Stapleton] I’m pretty sure he’s well aware that he’s down almost $60,000. – Daniel Negreanu starting off his very first appearance on Poker Night in America, really profitably.

The biggest pot in Poker Night history. – Next time, Antonio tries to dig himself out of his hole, and since we’re in a basement, I’m sure I can find a shovel somewhere. – Well you can find us online at where you can see our unedited livestreams, and complete episodes. For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. Check us out next time, right here on Poker Night in America. – A.O.T.?

– O.T.W. – All because I said, “Daniel, 800?” (laughter) And he goes, “OK.” – [Somerville] That’s what happens when you put on the 800 straddle.

You got an 80K pot! – I’m so glad I didn’t make it 1,600 there. – [Somerville] Kings in the 800 straddle, what a life.

That’s how your number one, I guess. Right there. – [???]

Nice hand. – [???] Thanks, bud.

Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Dealer Button in Texas Holdem

Hi, I’m Melissa Powell with JackPot City casino. Now that we’ve gone over all of that, let?s go through one fake game. Just so that you can make sure that you know all of the rules and how it works. So first off, we’re going to go over who gets the dealer button. I will deal one card face up to each player.

The highest number card will get the dealer button. And then I just collect all of these cards, as they only determine who was in the position of power, which got the dealer button. Next we determine from the dealer button that will be the big and small blind. As we said, we’ll go around in the circle, as if this was a circle completed. And these two players will be your big and small blind.

This player will be the small blind. And this player will be the big blind. So, in this case, we have one chip here for the small blind and two chips here for the big blind.

Now we can go ahead and start dealing. From the deal I will always deal to the right, to the immediate right of the dealer button which we?ll go around here to the small blind. Each player gets two cards. And now we can start with the betting. The betting will begin to my right, the players left of the big blind. So the action starts here on our black chip player.

And I ask him does he want to check, bet, raise, and fold. He looks at his cards and determines what he wants to do. Let?s imagine he wants to play, so he’ll put in two chips just the same as the big blind because he wants to play. Let?s move on to the green player. Let?s say he looks at his cards and he’s not thrilled. He folds them.

In order to fold them, he throws them to me, and I collect them and muck them. The red player over here also wants to play, he puts in two chips. The blue player now only has half of the big blind in. He must bet at least another chip if he wants to play. But let?s say he has excellent cards and he would like to raise. In order to raise he must bet at least the big blind plus another big blind.

This means four chips. Now the betting goes around once again. Now the big blind if he wants to play, has to put in two more chips. Let?s imagine everyone else at the table wants to play, and everybody has the equivalent of four chips on the table.

I tap the table, pick up all the chips and put them in the pot. Now each player has their cards, and I burn the first card underneath the stack of chips. The burn card again is to determine and to make sure there?s no cheating and no funny business.

Basics of Badugi

For those of you who have made it this far you probably want a more thorough explanation of how not to suck at Badugi.  Read this and understand these basic concepts before clicking on the embedded links to more in depth commentary on each concept.

The basic stages of the game as you know doubt remember from the rules section are: predraw, draw 1, draw 2 and draw 3 each with its own betting round.  Learning some basic tips for each stage of the game will help you earn your Badugi badge.

The following advice applies to full ring fixed limit badugi.  Short handed you should be more loose and aggressive. In pot limit or half pot limit you perhaps play even tighter.

Our general advice for playing before the flop or pre-draw in badugi is play tight and use the power of position

Well a very good hand pre-draw is 10 or lower badugi or 5 or lower 3-card hand (or “tri”).  You can almost always play these hands.

A good but not monster hand is any Badugi and any 3 cards 8 or lower.  These hands can be played in later position (see below).

A speculative hand is any 3 cards 9 or lower and any two cards 5 and lower.  

These are the weakest hands you’ll want to play before the draw and should be selective when you do so.  Usually this means you are on the button and you are stealing the playing against tight blinds.

How tight you play depends on your position relative to the button.  This is not exactly revolutionary advice. Every poker guide and book is incomplete with at least mentioning position somewhere.   The reason for its importance is that if you are last to act (i.e. on the button) you have tremendous advantage in that you get to see everyone else’s actions before you make a decision.

Position takes on added importance in Badugi because not only do you get to see what your opponents bet but you also get to see how many cards your opponents wish to draw to before deciding how many cards you would like to draw.

So the later your position the weaker your hand can be to be playable.

Always Open Raise

Generally you want to raise if all players have folded to you.   Even your strongest hands lose value the more players that are drawing.  You always want to cut down on your competition with a raise.

Smooth Draw in Badugi

Its important to make the distinction between a rough draw and a smooth draw in many forms of lowball poker.  Badugi is no exception.

A smooth draw is hand like a A28 3-card hand.  This is in fact the “smoothest” 3 card 8 you can draw to.  What makes it smooth are its kickers (the deuce and the Ace)

A rough draw is something like 678 3-card hand.  This the “roughest” 3 card 8 you can draw to, again because of its kickers (the 7 and the 6).

There are some situations described in the Badugi Starting Hand Chart that call for playing a smooth 3-card hand but not a rough one.  The reason for this is that your odds of winning at showdown are greater with a smooth draw than with a rough draw.

For example, suppose you are in a 3-way pot after the 1st draw:

Your Cards:  A28 tri

Opponent #1:  A3 2-card hand

Opponent #2:  Q853 Badugi (this actual about the average badugi one is dealt before the draw)

In this example you will win at showdown 40% of the time! If you knew your opponents hands you would want to get as many bets in as possible before the draw

Now lets look at the rough version of you 3 card 8:

Your Cards:  678 tri

Opponent #1:  A3 2-card hand

Opponent #2:  Q853 Badugi (this actual about the average badugi one is dealt before the draw)

In this example you win at showdown a mere 29% of the time.  Now you are happy to be in the pot but you want to be in as cheaply as possible as you are no longer the favorite.

Why is this?

Well the reasons are multiple.  Here are a few:

With the smooth draw you can outkick opponent #1 should you both get a badugi with the same two high cards.  Also your opponent with the Q8xx badugi is more difficult to beat with 678 rough draw because if you were to draw a Qhi a badugi your hand would still be 2nd best.

This is note as important as in lowball games in which straights can counterfeit your low as in 2-7 triple draw because in these games its much more likely to draw a straight with 876 than it is with A28.

In Badugi we don’t have to worry about straights but the concept still applies for the reasons stated above.

Soccer Betting Online

Online soccer betting is assuming gargantuan proportions amongst the online sports book soccer fans. You can indulge in Internet wagering in soccer with an online sports book that offers a wide spectrum of gambling opportunities. An Internet sport book aims at simplifying the process of online wagering. Placing an Internet bet is now just a click away, what with the multitude of sites available online. Various sport books offer expert client services, unparallel betting lines and a wide range of attractive odds for a bettor while engaging in online soccer gambling. The gambling lines are simple and clear, and adequate tips are provided such that even novice gamblers quickly ascend the ropes of Soccer betting online.

There is multifarious betting odds provided by various sport books. Standard betting is based on which team has the winning score at the end of 90 minutes regulation time. Most Internet sports books provides a ‘handicap bet’. In this bet, one team is given a head start to even up the game for the wagering purposes and also to prevent a draw.Sport books offer a special type of handicap bet to clients while gambling on soccer online. This is known as the ‘Asian handicap’ bet. Here a handicap is issued for each game so that the odds for each side will be more similar. This allows for more competitive gambling online. Another popular form of betting is the ‘double result’. This bet is placed online to predict which team will be leading at the end of the first half, and who will win the match. There is another interesting wager called the ‘First/Last goal scorer’. This type of betting on who will score the first or last goal in the match, irrespective of the teams. These are two individual bets, and the bettor must explicitly specify first or last goals so as to be successful.

Soccer betting is an attractive proposition for online sports betting. Exercise discretion while placing a soccer bet online, it is essential to stay informed on the betting rules in order to place effective and productive wagers.

  • Betting becomes official after 90 minutes of play.
  • The soccer bet will have action if the event is played within a week from the original schedule date or is played in the same tournament.
  • ‘Draw’ is a valid outcome for a soccer bet.
  • Penalty shoot-outs and golden goals are not taken into consideration.
  • A soccer bet on ‘last player to score’ is void if a match is abandoned before full-time.
  • The wager is graded as soon as the game becomes final and is deemed official.
  • Futures and divisional winners will be graded as soon as the season or tournament is over.

Some useful tips to keep in mind while betting online in soccer:

  • The home teams have a greater advantage.In about 70% of matches, the home team has either won or got a draw.
  • Information gathering is very essential before placing bets. Read up on team’s record and opponent’s record before placing bets.
  • Figure out on team’s win percentage before betting. For example if a team has already lost three matches in one season then it is not advisable to bet on it.
  • Keep in mind – big soccer teams do not use its best players while playing against not-so-big teams. Form a judgment after careful consideration and analysis of all aspects. Do not jump to conclusions.
  • Big teams are rarely good choices for betting.

Soccer Gambling Online

In soccer gambling online, finding value involves mathematical analysis.
A bet is on value, when the bettor pays attention to criteria like league table, form, history, injuries, etc. A bettor does not have to necessarily believe in the team on whom he is placing a wager. As long as the odds presented on a particular team carries a good chance that the team will win, wagers can be placed on that particular team. Big favorites are rarely good objects for soccer betting. Any online sport book has an apprehension about big favorites because of the large payouts involved in case they should win. Therefore betting on big names does not result in good prices from an online sports book. The bettor has to correctly predict the result of at least one game, indicating if the game will be a home win, a tie or an away win. A game ending in a tie results in a winning soccer bet only if the online wager is placed on that particular outcome.

Patience is the key to success when engaging in soccer betting. The betting enthusiast should not alter his strategy even if he were to lose several times in a row. The point is that when the winnings come in, the net winnings of the bettor will outweigh the total losses.

Soccer Betting Information

Gladly brings you a complete Soccer Betting guide. Learn the basics of betting on Soccer spreads, there are many bet types to choose from straights, parlays, teasers and much more. Also we explain how to place a soccer bet, and also offer top quality sportsbooks where you will find the best soccer lines the gambling industry has to offer, so be sure you make yourself a part of this sensational worldwide action.

Sports Betting, World Cup Info, Soccer Betting
When you’re going to be sports betting, it’s important to know as much about the game of soccer as possible including soccer rules and more.

History of soccer: The ancients practiced this form of competition, as did the inhabitants of the Middle Ages, and will not be forgotten by the present or future generations. It is the most popular sport played today, out-numbering the more publicized sports of baseball and football – much to their chagrin of course. The non-contact nature of this sport instantly bars those who rely on bulk to gain points on the sporting field, and demands remaining participants employ more conceptual or tactical strategies if they wish to be victorious when the final whistle is blown by the referee. It is a sport that does not exclude men, women or children, and followers of the sport derive as much excitement as the participants.

The World cup soccer Competition provides nations with the opportunity of demonstrating their talents and sporting prowess on the world stage, whether they are rich or poor. This makes for very exciting and sometimes quite tense viewing. Many fans also enjoying friendly sports wagering and soccer betting to capitalize on their knowledge on their soccer knowledge. Small nations battle against the large, and wealthy teams find themselves challenged by the poor. While backgrounds are diverse, all are united in the quest to be victorious at the end of this international competition.

The first World cup soccer final was held in 1930 (wonder if anyone was soccer betting back then.), and a few of the early victors include: Uruguay ( 1930, 1950 ) Italy ( 1934, 1938 ) West Germany ( 1954 ) Brazil ( 1958, 1962 ) England ( 1966 ) The effects of World War II prevented this World cup soccer from being run in 1942 and 1946. The World cup soccer Competition had in effect been re-born despite the calamities of WWII. World cup soccer has been played every four years thereafter, with the first women’s world cup soccer final being held in Mexico City in 1971. In 1999 the women’s world cup soccer team from the United States won the competition to the delight of the world and all Americans.

You should familiar with soccer rules before considering sports wagering for soccer. A Few Soccer rules: The game of soccer is played by 2 teams, each with 11 players. The soccer game is played in two 45-minute halves, with extra or “stoppage” time added due to any delays or stoppages. When the ball crosses the longitudinal boundary of the playing field, a “throw-in” is awarded, and a “corner-kick” is awarded when an opposing player forces the ball over the latitudinal boundary of the playing field. Free kicks are awarded if a player touches the ball with any part of their hand or arm (the goalkeeper being excluded), or deliberately kicks or interferes with an opposing player. A special area marked in front of each goal is known as the “penalty area.” If a player is awarded a free-kick from within the penalty area, the team of the infringed player is awarded a “penalty-kick” – allowing a player to attempt to score a goal 16 meters from the goal-line with only the goalkeeper present to thwart his/her efforts. Under this soccer rule, the goalkeeper is not allowed to move off the goal-line before the ball is kicked, and a goalkeeper is also not allowed to move prior to the penalty kick being taken.

This knowledge of soccer rules and more should help you succeed in sports wagering. So now that you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of soccer rules, world cup soccer and the history of soccer.

How to make $228 PER HOUR Playing Poker!

We have made it to the encore after an excellent meal at Gallagher’s. Compliments of the Pantaleo crew representing Toronto. Much appreciated we’re gon na hop on the one. Three No Limit game see what we can do with a $ 100 stack. I know what you’re saying Boesky don’t buy in for singles I’m gon na buy in for singles Boesky behind for 500 you’re rich.

Now this may be true. I’M new to cash games, I’m gon na start small and work my way up. It’S all discipline and we’re gon na stick to the plan and see what happens. I’M gon na establish a win rate at different volume levels at different venues.

To get a good feel of how reasonably I can sustain a living off of cash games in Las Vegas. So stay tuned, this is going to be one hell of a journey with blinds at $ 1 $ 3 there’s a limber. We may get $ 12 with Queen 10 of Hearts and get two callers. Bob comes East, Jack, deuce, two spades, there’s a bed of 15 and a call of 15. We could jam, but I don’t think they’re gon na fold, so we lay it down and we now have $ 88 with blinds at $ 1 $ 3 under the gun. Limps out of the gun, plus-one limps we’re next to act under the gun, plus two with ace-queen offsuit, raise it up to $ 20 a stack of low society.

If you will action folds to the under the gun player, who calls and under the gun plus one calls three ways to a fly. While up comes East five deuce two clubs, action checks to us, I bet $ 20. Setting up a turn jam under the gun.

Check raises to 40. What’S she rabbit pocket deuces pocket fives under the gun, plus one calls the 40-some cause for concern, but with our relative short stack, I think we’re gon na have to go with this. The good thing is my jam will reopen the action. Hopefully I can isolate against a flush, draw or worse ace yjm for $ 68 under the gun, looks disgusted and folds and under the gun, plus one folds tournament locals watching the hand develop from behind me and he starts laughing hysterically and we now have $ 200 Coming back he’s coming back, I got the license.

Yeah I have to like go with blinds at $ 1 $ 3 under the gun, makes it 15. There’S two calls I’m in the small blind with East King of clubs and $ 200. I make it 80 to go, everybody folds and we pick up 50 bucks. Things are going well very few hands in the 1/3 No Limit game, and then they announced there’s open seats in the 1 to 5 pot limit Omaha game, which I completely forgot about. So I’m gon na take this opportunity to hop it and see what happens so. It’Ll change a pace, never hurt anybody sit down and were four handed and the fine floor at the Wynn.

/ encore inform us that there’s no rake if we want to play four handed. I know some people think that more rake is better overall for the game. It’S actually better because pros aren’t playing.

I disagree. So, let’s play all three guys are pretty cool were chatting it up. One of them is a viewer of the vlog attorney from New York. I went a few small pots. I make the nut straight on the turn ray he’s.

Gon na call rivers a brick, but eighty bucks get a call, get paid off when a few more pots, all of a sudden we’re up to five hundred dollars. Eventually, the main PLO game breaks and we’re forced to move. I don’t like 9 handed and I don’t like break so we call it a session. We end up cashing out 555 dollars from our $ 100 investment net profit of 450 five, which gives us an hourly of two 27.5, almost two hundred and twenty-eight. My hourly is consistent upon two hours at the Encore. Now it’s time to go home and see the dogs make sure the like and subscribe button cash game journey is starting off very nicely and I’m out use code, Boesky, AP P for $ 80 off.