We’re in the News!

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The Austin American Statesman did a feature on us this last Sunday (Easter Sunday)!



June Deliveries!

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LOL, I forgot this was here. Lot’s of news I haven’t been blogging.

We changed our app name of Squabble to Jangle (it has a nice ring to it 🙂

You can read all about that on our Jangle Facebook page.

And… drumroll….

We just launched ‘Help with Hanging’ – a new app to give you expert advice on all your Hanging with Friends games.

Have fun!

Squabble for Android!

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Wow, you Android users are relentless! We heard you loud and clear and made Squabble for Android our top priority. Now, it’s ready. Whew!

Download it in the Android market.

Squabble Goes Live!

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On Wednesday, April 6th, Squabble hits the iTunes store. See the Squabble game page for game details.

We can hardly wait. This has been a fun one to make.

The more people playing the better. Get in here and squabble with us!

Let’s Squabble!

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Let’s get ready to Squabble!

Our newest offering will be in the store soon. Stay Tuned.