Jangle - Retired Astronaut Collective

Let’s Jangle!

Challenge your friends or a random opponent to an online multiplayer word game in real time! What are you waiting for, play online with your friends NOW! It’s FREE!

Main Game Screen

In Jangle, you frantically build the largest word you can in a short time limit. Be quick! Each letter scores points with some being worth more than others. Use the bonus spaces to double and triple your letter points. The final round has a full word you can decipher or build the largest word you can and hope your opponent doesn’t guess the entire word.


  • Full Multiplayer with 2 play modes, for a variety of situations: “play and pass” & “play online”
  • Facebook Integrated. Invite your friends!
  • Player Stats and Rankings
  • Full Dictionary to define any game word
  • Chat between Rounds
  • Simple & Addictive Gameplay