Soccer Betting Online

Online soccer betting is assuming gargantuan proportions amongst the online sports book soccer fans. You can indulge in Internet wagering in soccer with an online sports book that offers a wide spectrum of gambling opportunities. An Internet sport book aims at simplifying the process of online wagering. Placing an Internet bet is now just a click away, what with the multitude of sites available online. Various sport books offer expert client services, unparallel betting lines and a wide range of attractive odds for a bettor while engaging in online soccer gambling. The gambling lines are simple and clear, and adequate tips are provided such that even novice gamblers quickly ascend the ropes of Soccer betting online.

There is multifarious betting odds provided by various sport books. Standard betting is based on which team has the winning score at the end of 90 minutes regulation time. Most Internet sports books provides a ‘handicap bet’. In this bet, one team is given a head start to even up the game for the wagering purposes and also to prevent a draw.Sport books offer a special type of handicap bet to clients while gambling on soccer online. This is known as the ‘Asian handicap’ bet. Here a handicap is issued for each game so that the odds for each side will be more similar. This allows for more competitive gambling online. Another popular form of betting is the ‘double result’. This bet is placed online to predict which team will be leading at the end of the first half, and who will win the match. There is another interesting wager called the ‘First/Last goal scorer’. This type of betting on who will score the first or last goal in the match, irrespective of the teams. These are two individual bets, and the bettor must explicitly specify first or last goals so as to be successful.

Soccer betting is an attractive proposition for online sports betting. Exercise discretion while placing a soccer bet online, it is essential to stay informed on the betting rules in order to place effective and productive wagers.

  • Betting becomes official after 90 minutes of play.
  • The soccer bet will have action if the event is played within a week from the original schedule date or is played in the same tournament.
  • ‘Draw’ is a valid outcome for a soccer bet.
  • Penalty shoot-outs and golden goals are not taken into consideration.
  • A soccer bet on ‘last player to score’ is void if a match is abandoned before full-time.
  • The wager is graded as soon as the game becomes final and is deemed official.
  • Futures and divisional winners will be graded as soon as the season or tournament is over.

Some useful tips to keep in mind while betting online in soccer:

  • The home teams have a greater advantage.In about 70% of matches, the home team has either won or got a draw.
  • Information gathering is very essential before placing bets. Read up on team’s record and opponent’s record before placing bets.
  • Figure out on team’s win percentage before betting. For example if a team has already lost three matches in one season then it is not advisable to bet on it.
  • Keep in mind – big soccer teams do not use its best players while playing against not-so-big teams. Form a judgment after careful consideration and analysis of all aspects. Do not jump to conclusions.
  • Big teams are rarely good choices for betting.

Soccer Gambling Online

In soccer gambling online, finding value involves mathematical analysis.
A bet is on value, when the bettor pays attention to criteria like league table, form, history, injuries, etc. A bettor does not have to necessarily believe in the team on whom he is placing a wager. As long as the odds presented on a particular team carries a good chance that the team will win, wagers can be placed on that particular team. Big favorites are rarely good objects for soccer betting. Any online sport book has an apprehension about big favorites because of the large payouts involved in case they should win. Therefore betting on big names does not result in good prices from an online sports book. The bettor has to correctly predict the result of at least one game, indicating if the game will be a home win, a tie or an away win. A game ending in a tie results in a winning soccer bet only if the online wager is placed on that particular outcome.

Patience is the key to success when engaging in soccer betting. The betting enthusiast should not alter his strategy even if he were to lose several times in a row. The point is that when the winnings come in, the net winnings of the bettor will outweigh the total losses.