Tips for Playing Texas Holdem Hands : Dealer Button in Texas Holdem

Hi, I’m Melissa Powell with JackPot City casino. Now that we’ve gone over all of that, let?s go through one fake game. Just so that you can make sure that you know all of the rules and how it works. So first off, we’re going to go over who gets the dealer button. I will deal one card face up to each player.

The highest number card will get the dealer button. And then I just collect all of these cards, as they only determine who was in the position of power, which got the dealer button. Next we determine from the dealer button that will be the big and small blind. As we said, we’ll go around in the circle, as if this was a circle completed. And these two players will be your big and small blind.

This player will be the small blind. And this player will be the big blind. So, in this case, we have one chip here for the small blind and two chips here for the big blind.

Now we can go ahead and start dealing. From the deal I will always deal to the right, to the immediate right of the dealer button which we?ll go around here to the small blind. Each player gets two cards. And now we can start with the betting. The betting will begin to my right, the players left of the big blind. So the action starts here on our black chip player.

And I ask him does he want to check, bet, raise, and fold. He looks at his cards and determines what he wants to do. Let?s imagine he wants to play, so he’ll put in two chips just the same as the big blind because he wants to play. Let?s move on to the green player. Let?s say he looks at his cards and he’s not thrilled. He folds them.

In order to fold them, he throws them to me, and I collect them and muck them. The red player over here also wants to play, he puts in two chips. The blue player now only has half of the big blind in. He must bet at least another chip if he wants to play. But let?s say he has excellent cards and he would like to raise. In order to raise he must bet at least the big blind plus another big blind.

This means four chips. Now the betting goes around once again. Now the big blind if he wants to play, has to put in two more chips. Let?s imagine everyone else at the table wants to play, and everybody has the equivalent of four chips on the table.

I tap the table, pick up all the chips and put them in the pot. Now each player has their cards, and I burn the first card underneath the stack of chips. The burn card again is to determine and to make sure there?s no cheating and no funny business.